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Crown & Tiara Buying Guide

Hair Accessory Glossary

Crowns and Tiaras are today's must-have luxury jewelery pieces. No longer are they reserved for princesses, brides or prom and pageant queens. Antique headpieces and their modern interpretations are being seen on everyone and anyone. The key to getting the right look is to accessorize correctly, because there is nothing worse than a tacky looking tiara. So if getting an elegant and sophisticated look is important to you, then you've come to the right website. As my fashion consulting experience with Neiman Marcus continually advocated, it's about the whole look because a single piece does not an outfit make. Check back with us frequently, because we are feverishly working to add more accessories to help you get that whole sophisticated look. Meanwhile, reading this Tiaras Tips section should be helpful for you whether you are planning a wedding, consulting with brides, managing a bridal shop, producing a pageant or prom, coordinating a theatrical production, giving a quinceanera or sweet 16 party, or simply wanting in on this up and coming trend in fashion accessories.

Comb: Often referred to as "Tiara Combs," "Crown Combs," "Bridal Combs" or "Hair Combs," these comb tiaras offer a lot of versatility due to their simplicity. Their prices tend to be more economical due to their smaller size and the fact that they do not cost as much to manufacture. They tend to be very light weight, and their smaller size makes them perfect for people of all ages. They've even been used for or stuffed! They can be worn with almost any hairstyle. Depending on their style, they can be formal, informal or casual.

Headband: Headbands also tend to cost less than tiaras or crowns. Headbands now come with single, double, and multiple bands and you will even see them with sprays of decorative designs like flowers, leaves, pearls, crystals, beads, etc. They can be worn with your hair down, with an upswept hairdo, or wrapped around a bun. They are no longer only worn in a vertical position. You will often see them worn at an angle, on the back of an updo, or tilted forward like a tiara. These are not your mother's headbands...they are being shown in more trendy finishes and styles than ever before. You will see headbands worn for everyday use more than any other headpiece.

Tiara: Tiaras are incredibly flexible due to their ability to be adjusted to fit most any size head. Thus most tiaras can fit most heads age four and up. You will see tiaras used for a variety of occasions including weddings (on the brides, bridesmaids, flower girls, Mother-of-the-Bride, etc.), at bachelorette parties, at homecoming and prom (on the prom queen, princess, and/or court), in pageants, at birthdays and quinceaneras, and many other events. Brides can wear them with or without a veil, and often find occasions to wear their prized tiaras even after their wedding. Larger tiaras tend to have a comb on each end to help secure the tiara to your hair. Shorter tiaras tend to come with a small ring on each end so you can use bobby pins or attach some crown and tiara hair clips like our Crown-Secure Clips to secure it to your hair.

Coronet: Often referred to as "Bun Rings," coronets have traditionally been worn to sit on top of the head, angled at the back of your head, or around an updo or a bun. The base of a coronet is a complete circle, and the decoration or stones wrap all the way around. Its diameter is smaller than that of a crown, and typically is only a few inches in diameter. Coronets used to be made of crystal, but are now being made with a variety of different stones and finishes. Traditionally you would see coronets on royalty, brides, ballerinas, and younger girls, but they are becoming popular for more creative uses in today's "anything goes" fashion trends.

Adjustable Crown: An Adjustable Crown is similar to a tiara, except instead of having two combs or bobby pin rings on either end, an adjustable crown has a full round base, where the band can be adjusted to fit most head sizes ages four and up. Once you have adjusted the band to suit your size, you then crimp the slider ring tightly so that the band no longer slides. Since adjustable crowns do not have combs or bobby pin rings, our Crown-Secure Clips are a popular hair clip used to secure the crown to your hair. An adjustable crown tends to have the decoration or stones wrap further around your head than a tiara, but not entirely around like a traditional, non-adjustable crown. Adjustable crowns are available in styles for women, men, boys and girls.

Crown: The base of a crown is a complete circle, and crowns have decoration or stones that wrap all the way around. Its diameter is larger than that of a coronet, and typically is three inches in diameter or larger. Since crowns are not adjustable, it is important that you measure the head to ensure proper fit. Crowns are available in styles for women, men, boys and girls. Crowns can be worn to sit on top of the head, angled at the back of the head, or around an updo or a bun. The more stones you see on a crown, the heavier it may be.

Choosing the Perfect Hair Accessory

If you truly want to get "the whole look," then you need to consider more than just your headpiece. You need to also consider your hairstyle, accessories, outfit, makeup, and those same elements for others in your party. One often overlooked element is the importance of enhancing your face shape and your skin coloring. Be sure to ask any hair stylist and makeup artist you are considering hiring how they can help you achieve the look you desire, and see if they mention important factors like your face shape, skin tone, dress color and style. It may be worth the extra cost to have them try everything on you before the event to make sure you like it. Here are a few guidelines for face shape:
  • Long face: Consider a hair accessory that will not add a lot of height. A headband or short tiara that does not taper at the sides are good choices.
  • Oval face: An oval face can go either way. Some feel that any accessory of your choice will be fine while others prefer avoiding headpieces that peak at the top and taper down because these will make your face appear longer.
  • Round face: A crown, tiara, tiara comb, or headband that adds height and tapers down at the sides will elongate the face.
  • Square Face: A tiara that adds dramatic height or peaks in the center and tapers down at the sides will soften the squareness of the face.

Other Considerations

  • Match the style, finish and stones on your outfit to your accessories. For example, if you have a wedding dress with AB colored crystals and pearls, look for accessories (i.e. tiara, earrings, necklace, bracelet, handbag) with the same style and detailing. If your gown has a modern, straight, simplistic design, then it may look best with a tiara with straight, geometric lines that echo the modern lines of the dress. A tiara with only crystals will go with most any gown, but a tiara with pearls should either match the gown or the jewelry. When choosing pearl tiaras, be careful that the pearl color matches your gown, because some pearls have a whiter finish while other pearls may have more of an ivory color. The warmer tones of gold and/or ivory pearl tiaras tend to look best with ivory gowns, whereas silver and/or white pearl tiaras best complement white gowns. Gowns that are just barely off-white look fine with either gold or silver accessories.
  • The overall balance of your look should be such that no one element overwhelms another. The design details of the tiara should enhance a beautiful gown, not overshadow it. The hair, makeup, and accessories should accent the overall look with a sense of style and good taste.
  • Choose a look that goes with the style of your ensemble. A more trendy dress requires a more modern tiara while an antique style gown should be worn with more antique style accessories.
  • Platinum blonde hair looks best with white, crystal, and silver accents as do cooler, darker shades of hair. Meanwhile, warmer hair colors like red and brown tend to look best with ivory pearls and gold-tone accessories. If you are unsure whether your hair has warm, neutral, or cool undertones, a stylist should be able to tell you.
  • Short hair looks best with a headband or a lighter, more delicate tiara.
  • Crowns and tiaras are not just for the bride. We get a lot of requests for matching crown and tiara sets for the bride and groom. Tiaras are popular for the bridesmaids, flower girl, and mother-of-the-bride too. This idea of matching or themed crowns and tiaras goes for prom, homecoming, and pageant tiaras as well. To keep a coordinated look, choose a smaller or simpler version the most important party's crown or tiara.
  • Brides who plan to remove their veil at their reception will photograph much better if they leave their tiara on.
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